Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday links

Paul McCauley has a nice montage of SPACE footage. Check out his self-published Quiet War short story collection (which I've just finished and enjoyed) here.

Neil Gaiman's interview with Stephen King (in case you missed it - what were you doing?).

Know your place in the universe.

Jane Rogers won this year's Clarke Award for The Testament of Jessie Lamb (a great evening, wonderfully hosted, as always, by Tom Hunter).

Jared at Pornokitsch takes an axe to most of the David Gemmell Legend Best Novel short list. Blood and brains everywhere.


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  1. ‎"....the multi-dimensional possibilities of science fiction. "You can deal with the big ideas. It's a clean slate. When you get rid of contemporary clutter and politics, it allows you to see both the wood and the trees." Jane Rogers