Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday Links

Charlie Stross (again) on the death of genre.

Neil Gaiman got the New Yorker to unlock this illustrated interview of Maurice Sendak by Art Spiegelman, drawn by them both. (Children aren't the innocent, sticky-fingered angels they would have you believe.)

The British Fantasy Society has announced this year's fantasy shortlists, to be announced at Fantasycon in Brighton, this September. Let's hope that this year the debacle toggle is set to zero.

Philip Ball provides an overview of Curiosity, his new work of science history/philosophy (and which I'm currently devouring – come on, alchemists, secret societies, egomaniacs out to change the world - what's not to enjoy?).

Abigail Nussbaum has an, as usual, thoughtful piece on the use and misuse of horses and women in the TV shows Luck and Game of Thrones (that is horses in Luck, and women in Game of Thrones, in case there is any confusion).

Nice post about the artist and writer collaboration in The Phantom Tollboth over at Pornokitsch (I like the one-upmanship on display).

Have a good weekend.


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