Friday, 14 September 2012

Riveted and Frail


It's publication day here at Berkley UK (well, technically that was yesterday) and we have two books for you.

Meljean Brook's latest venture into the Iron Seas, Riveted, takes us to Iceland a century after a devastating volcanic eruption forced its inhabitants to flee. Now fisherman tell of giant trolls guarding the land and seductive witches ready to steal men's hearts. But the truth of the matter is something very different and our story follows Annika, who unwittingly endangered Iceland's secrets five years ago and whose sister Kalla took the blame. Now Annika serves on the airship Phaeton flying from port to port looking for her exiled sister. When the airship picks up a new crewman in the form of David Kentewess, Annika finds she must be careful to guard her secrets from his prying attentions. However, when disaster strikes, the pair are forced to work together in order to survive . . .

Frail is the much-anticipated follow-up to Dust by Joan Frances Turner. Dust told of a terrible post-apocalyptic America where the walking population is divided into the living and the undead. And in Frail a devastating plague has swept through both the living and the undead so that now everyone is ex-human or ex-zombie – both craving fresh flesh. Amy is the only purely human left in town - a frail. She is pursued and thinks she is going mad. But when an ex-human called Lisa saves her life, a fragile friendship is formed. This friendship keeps Amy and Lisa alive when they are abducted and forced to live in a community of exes who use humans as their slaves. If the pair are to have any future then they'll need to trust each other further to somehow escape . . .

So, two dark and twisted sequels telling of two pairs of people who must learn to trust one another in order to survive.